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A Buyers Guide to Working with ABS Certified Vendors

海洋 and offshore industries often require ABS certified parts. 学习如何减少成本和生产延误,同时确保您获得适当的认证产品.

Manufacturing companies that work in the marine and offshore industries 或为海事应用提供产品通常需要美国船务局(ABS)认证. 了解需要认证的关键流程并与供应商合作可以帮助您 减少成本 生产延误,同时确保您获得适当的认证产品.

Why Is ABS Certification Important?

美国航运局于1862年获特许为船长颁发证书. 从那时起,它就为船舶和海上结构制定和设定了安全和质量标准. 

在全球范围内, ABS Standards ensure that the materials, parts and components, 船舶和海洋设备的建造符合既定的安全标准. ABS与世界各地的海洋工业合作,开发建造海洋船舶和海上结构的新技术, 修订和更新其认证,以满足不断变化的行业需求.

ABS Certification Rules & 指南

abs制定的认证规则和指南为设计提供了标准, 建造和定期检查海洋船舶和海上结构,以促进其安全设计和组装. 材料, 用于制造舰船和结构的零部件必须符合舰船的规定标准或要求.

规则指定了满足特定组件需求的需求. It’s typical for forgings to use Steel Vessel Rules Part 2 Chapter 3 part 7 (which was moved to Publication No. 1 海洋 Vessel Rules MVR in 2020). 在本节中,你会发现ABS等级2和其他锻件常用的ABS等级.

If you are building offshore components, you may need to reference MODU (Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit) rules, which switched to MOU in 2020. This is located in Publication No. 规则中的3条.


  1. 用于建造船舶或结构的单个部件可能需要基于规则的认证
  2. 其中一些组件在建造或制造时必须进行检测,以验证工艺是否符合ABS标准.

How to Determine ABS Requirements to Minimize Risk and Cost

ABS certification costs time and money. 在制造过程中,检验员会到现场验证你们的工艺是否符合标准, construction or fabrication. This can be expensive. By understanding the Rule requirements for your product, 您可以确定应该进行检查和认证的供应链阶段. 这样做, 你将为公司节省时间和金钱,并将产品未经认证的风险降至最低. 
Through following a few guidelines, 您可以更好地准备满足您的部件或部件特有的认证标准,同时节省时间和金钱.

What is the intent of the certification?
Suppose your component is intended for a 被船. 在这种情况下, ABS规则必须适用于获得这类认证(可能只适用于ABS规则), or in conjunction with an industry-standard such as ASTM, 或作为应用程序的适当设计而经过审查和批准的客户专有规范).

If the certificate is for verification purposes only, it is very important for your supply chain to understand this. ABS规则在这种情况下不适用,它必须讨论到ABS必须涉及的目的. 例如, what operations are to be inspected? 在这种情况下, the ABS Rules do not apply to govern what requires survey, and therefore the designer must flow down this information.

Identify the application that will use your component
你是在生产一个顶升系统的组件(或整个系统)吗?, for torque-transmitting parts or for a structural element, 例如? 应用程序帮助您确定规则或类型审批层的适当部分.

Know the end-use of the part
The end use of the part determines which ABS Rules are required. If your piece is a reduction gear, the testing requirements will be different from those of standard gear.

Obtain an ABS-approved drawing or Design Approval Document
这些图纸或文件表明ABS已经批准了设计,并提供了批准号供参考. 这也有助于确定这艘船的设计目标, so we know which edition is required for appropriate compliance. 这些图纸还包括对您的锻造非常重要的临界流动要求, heat treat and testing vendors.

Partner with your suppliers
确保您的组件获得准确认证的最关键的方法是将您的ABS要求流向您的供应商和整个供应链. Throughout the supply chain, 提供准确的要求,可确保您的组件是根据“规则”生产的,不会延误或增加成本.
经常, 当公司向原材料供应商提交采购订单时, the ABS Rule requirements are missing. 如果在报价过程中需求沿着供应链向下流动,那么这个问题可以很容易地避免.
一个理想的报价和采购订单包的要求,包括所有的图纸和规格要求和ABS规则,适用. 您的供应商可以与您合作,以确保规则要求在制造过程中得到执行, eliminating time-consuming errors and reducing inspection costs.

Use an approved ABS Supplier
使用abs认证的供应商可以进一步减少检验的成本和交货期. 例如, if you need a forging where final heat treatment, 测试和检验将发生在供应链的另一个层面, and the forging facility is an ABS-approved supplier, ABS certification may not require a forge-level inspection. This is why working with experienced, approved suppliers will save time and money; they can help you determine when an inspector must present during operations and help you meet all requirements.

The 苏格兰人打造 Advantage

在苏格兰人打造,我们是唯一有资格为您提供abs认证的产品和材料. We are one of the few U.S. 经过美国船务局审核,并被批准为全球ABS锻造供应商,ABS和非ABS等级达80级,000磅. at 苏格兰人打造 and 270,000磅. at our joint venture, NAF. 

我们经过技术培训的销售人员拥有丰富的abs认证产品报价经验. 我们与您合作,以确保您的部分满足获得认证的所有要求,同时最大限度地减少时间和成本. 

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