Steadfast Forgings For The Long Haul

Whether your company is building a new ship, or your boat has run aground, 苏格兰人打造 has the experience to get you out of the dry dock and back in commission. From gearbox repairs to broken rudder stock, our knowledgeable sales team will work with you to meet any deadline.

We have extensive experience with classification society requirements such as ABS*, Lloyd's Register and DNV-GL, and offer a value-added option, which utilizes our Maritime Forging Consultation Specialists. The highly trained team provides your team with assistance on everything from part design and material selection to arranging third party witness and delivering certification documentation.  

*苏格兰人打造 pricing includes all ABS surveys and certification fees

伪造的 造船 Components


  • Propeller, tail and drive shafts
  • Rudder stock, upper vertical, lower vertical shafts and pintle pins
  • Line, intermediate, main and stub shafts
  • Controllable and variable pitch shafts
  • 法兰扭矩轴
  • 输入轴


  • 支撑桶
  • 轴承箱
  • 尾轴管
  • 舵管
  • 轴联轴器


  • ABS装置空白
  • 轴联轴器
  • 船用绞车组件
  • 发动机支承环
  • 离合器环

Torch cut parts (without tooling or pattern charges)

  • 舵柄武器
  • 支柱装配零件

Reasons To Choose 苏格兰人打造

No Hidden, Pass-Through Fees

ABS, DNV-GL and Lloyd's Register Approved

Our long-standing relationships with third-party agencies ensure your certification is complete, 准确准时. Due to years of experience working directly with ABS, our knowledge and understanding of the industry's specifications 是无与伦比的. Certification requirements beyond ISO: 9001:2015 must be specified in your contract.


我们保持广泛的 inventory of ferrous and non-ferrous materials including 17-4 stainless tail shafting grades, 和nitronic, 超级双, and super austenitic grades such as Ferralium® 225年,Hiduron® 191、UNS S31254. From vacuum degassed air melt to ESR or VAR cleanliness levels, our forgings are supplied using the highest-quality material available. This ready inventory eliminates many of the delays associated with order processing, allowing for shorter lead times and quick reaction to market changes.

Fast Delivery and Breakdown Services

At 苏格兰人打造, we understand the importance of on-time delivery. 在关键情况下, reduced lead times can be offered for breakdown and emergency orders in need of immediate production response.

Flexible Sizes, Shapes and Quantities

No matter the grade of material or shape and size of the part, our facilities are designed to support both single-piece and high-volume manufacturing. Utilizing our vast inventory of loose tooling and torch cut capabilities, we are able to reduce stock, which improves mechanical capabilities, lowers cost and limits additional machining.

Knowledgeable Sales Engineers

With a dedicated account manager for each customer, you know who to contact when in need of a fast turnaround on a quote. Our technically trained staff, backed by our metallurgical engineers and forging experts, can provide you with the support you need to get your ship back in service.

问题? 联系锻压专家


At 苏格兰人打造, we know the importance of getting your parts on-time, as expected. 然而, for customers new to procuring forgings, ordering a forging that will meet all specifications for end-use applications may be a challenge, which is why finding a trusted supplier and partner is essential. Our employee-owners are here to ensure your project stays on track with our forgings by offering:

Pro Tip - Did you know near-net shapes can save you time and money? 通常, a customer calls to order a disc, which they will later machine down to a more shaped part. By working with our technically trained sales team you can get as close to your finished product shape as possible to optimize your production process.